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Employment Background Checks Can Benefit Both Employers and Applicants Alike

More and more employers are using employment background checks to screen applicants in order to minimize potential legal and financial exposures. Rising concerns of workplace violence, negligent-hiring and wrongful termination lawsuits, and other problems are forcing many employers to make well informed hiring decisions. Advantages for employees who work for a company that requires employment backgrounds include the fact that employers typically screen for criminal records, including those related to violent crimes and dishonesty. Also, in knowing that an effort has been made to verify that co-workers have the qualifications and credentials they say they do.
Employment backgrounds are not law enforcement or government type investigations. In general, background screening companies look for "red flags" indicating potential problems on resumes and applications such as false or omitted information. And although employment backgrounds can cause an uneasy feeling for applicants, and make them feel like they are being put under the microscope, the truth is that employment backgrounds on applicants can benefit both employers and employees. Beside, today applicants have a great deal of legal protection especially with the recent changes in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Loss of Employment

One of the most obvious disadvantages of background checks, from an employee's perspective, is that they may be passed over for a job opportunity or for a promotion at their existing job. Background checks will reveal a complete history of your adult life, and if the details of the report paint a negative image, the employer may be more likely to choose another candidate. It is also possible to lose employment if a background check reveals a criminal record that was not listed on your initial employment application.