Document Scanning Services (DSS)

Document Scanning Services (DSS)

Document imaging is a process for converting paper documents to digital files for archiving, transmission and document printing and production. Document imaging begins with scanning the original paper document, allowing the document to be used with digital applications. An example of this is scanning a photograph, saving the image file on the computer and then editing the image file with software applications.

It helps individuals, small and medium businesses, corporate, NGOs, students and schools to keep the records or information in secure and readily available manner

Purpose of Document Scanning Services (DSS)

The onset of modern technology has finally given way to document scanning. Images, text files, old documents and the likes are recovered, retrieved and archived --once deemed impossible. The days of yore proved to be very slow-paced. But document scanning has changed the way offices are run.

Document scanning is the process of transferring one document or text from its paper form onto a computer screen. More specifically, document scanning is the method of converting an analog fact or record into a digital data. Meaning, it becomes data that the computer system can read.

Advantages of document scanning services (DSS)

  • » Improves productivity, efficiency and avoid less use of printing.
  • » More storage space is available in terms of keeping the original records.
  • » Data can be retrieved easily and can help in avoiding the loss due to flood or fire.
  • » Data is kept with better quality.
  • » Effective and easy retrieval of data.
  • » Help in organizing the large data with easy accessible of information.
  • » Document scanning makes things easier -- an old document that has become yellowish in form, crumpled and stained, but it can be recovered and     remedied by means of document scanning.

Digitization of Data

  • » Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. Increase worker productivity, enhance data security, and enjoy greater    energy savings.

  • Advantages:-
  • » Convert (data) to digital form for use in a computer
  • » Digitization information makes it easier to preserve, access and Share.
  • » Digitized information is easier to store, access and transmit, and digitization is used by a number of consumer electronic devices.
  • » Digitization information is easier to store, access and transmit.

Isolation of Documents:

  • » The documents which are already scanned in the format as PDF, JEPG or TIFF format. We need to segregate the same as per the client requirement     or scope defined and uploading the same in the Application.
  • » The quality of scan documents needs to be checked as per the client requirement.
  • » Accepted documents will be uploaded in the Application.
  • » Final notification will be shared with the client via email for the completion of the activity.